Luke part 3 : Jesus the Teacher.

The gospel of Luke is heavy in content to knowĀ and lessons to learnĀ and detailsĀ to rememberĀ and Jesus šŸ™‚ Luke has 24 chapters and I may take more than 4 parts to finish it all. If you missed THE RELATED POSTĀ Ā Luke part 1 : Jesus is willing. AND THE OTHER RELATED POSTĀ Ā Luke part 2 : Jesus the... Continue Reading →

Luke part 2 : Jesus the healer.

I wrote about theĀ first 6 chapters of Luke awhile ago. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events and catching up. I attended my brother's reception out of town ( my husband stayed home with our children and did fantastic!), I came back and had volunteered to teach in a VBS so my... Continue Reading →

Luke part 1 : Jesus is willing.

The name of the author of the gospel of Luke is not mentioned in this book or the sequel (Acts) but the authorship is almost universally accepted to be Luke. Luke was a physician and later a traveling companion of Paul. Luke was most likely a gentile. He wrote this book (and Acts) to an... Continue Reading →

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