LOVE is: A tale of two miracles.

Hello! Hello! Welcome to a new month. In honor of Valentine's Day I've started a series on LOVE. What it looks like in different scenarios in the Bible. You may have also noticed that the site has a new name. I finally bought my own domain and I'm thrilled!!!!! The purpose of this blog as always is to talk... Continue Reading →

A peek into the life of Karin Peters

We are in the series on caregivers. We're looking behind the scenes and seeing what real life is like for many people on a hard journey.  As Karin writes (below) God is with us in the midst of the storm, He's not just holding our hands, He's holding us.  This series is meant to shed light... Continue Reading →

A part of my testimony.

Shanique from Rock Solid Faith had asked me some time ago to write for her blog and to give my testimony. I was elated to do so. When I received her questions that she wanted me to answer, I knew that I was being stretched and pulled. Some of these questions when answered revealed vulnerable areas and... Continue Reading →

What you should know about Mark.

Mark is the earliest gospel written, though it's NOT the first book written in the New Testament. The point of writing the epistles, for example, was to teach new believers the truth of all they knew and to give them practical instructions. The truth of Jesus on the other hand, what He taught, what He... Continue Reading →

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