Links to the books of the Bible posts in one place.

In a recent post I added the links to all the other books of the Bible posts I've written so far and I realized(after hitting publish!) that the post was way too link-heavy! (I took off those links later!!!) There were probably upward of twenty links in that post. I assure you I have no... Continue Reading →

Hospitality in the home.

This week as well I've had the honor of being a guest at Momma's Living Room. In the post titled Showing hospitality to our spouse I talk about being "hospitable" to our spouses. Marriage is important in God's plan for us. So many times in Scripture He refers to Himself as the Bridegroom and we... Continue Reading →

What does hospitality mean to you?

Erin Nicholson from Momma's Living Room has invited me to write on the biblical attributes of hospitality. It's the post titled Showing Hospitality by being present. I've been privileged and honored to do so. This topic made me stretch and think outside the box. Head on over to her blog and read what I've written... Continue Reading →

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