Links to the books of the Bible posts in one place.

In a recent post I added the links to all the other books of the Bible posts I've written so far and I realized(after hitting publish!) that the post was way too link-heavy! (I took off those links later!!!) There were probably upward of twenty links in that post. I assure you I have no... Continue Reading →

A Psalm or two. (1)

In the Old Testament we see a book with one hundred and fifty chapters named Psalms. The word "Psalm" means "hymn" or "song". I'm working on the gospel of John and I hope to have the first post up next week. In the meantime I'm going to share a couple of songs based on Psalms... Continue Reading →

When Jesus laughs.

Several years ago our family (while I was a teenager) received a forwarded email. It was all the rage back then. You receive something that you like and you forward it on to your whole address book 🙂 It contained the drawn images of a Jesus laughing. Through the years those pictures have stayed with... Continue Reading →

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