Links to the books of the Bible posts in one place.

In a recent post I added the links to all the other books of the Bible posts I've written so far and I realized(after hitting publish!) that the post was way too link-heavy! (I took off those links later!!!) There were probably upward of twenty links in that post. I assure you I have no... Continue Reading →

LOVE is: A tale of One God.

Who do you say I am? These immortal words are found in Matthew 16: 13-20. This is a part of a conversation that Jesus had with His disciples. He wanted to know what people said about Him and what the disciples made of it. Here Simon Peter declared that Jesus is the Messiah, The son... Continue Reading →

The Priesthood.

The Priesthood - Hi, If you've been fascinated by the descriptions of the priests, the High priest, their garments and duties, mostly mentioned in Exodus, this is the post you need to read. Swing by Bruce's Reasoned cases for Christ blog when you get a chance. Vanessa

The outer court of the Tabernacle.

In Exodus, chapters 25-28, we find recorded a marvelous revelation of GOD’s plan of salvation, made possible through JESUS CHRIST, our Saviour and Lord; as typified and symbolized in the Tabernacle, which occupied a central place, in the midst of every encampment of Israel. In Exodus 27:9-15, we are told that the Tabernacle proper was […]... Continue Reading →

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