Guest post by Lureta Ector.

In the last few weeks several posts by myriad authors on WORSHIP have come across my feed. I'm simply overwhelmed at the timing of them all. Some posts were written recently by bloggers I follow, several were written a year or two earlier , when I din't know them. And then there are posts like... Continue Reading →

A guest post by Erin Nicholson.

Many of us have been where Paul and Silas were. If not in an actual prison, we have been terribly wronged and for no reason of our making. We have been abused, insulted, mocked and scorned. For honoring God and proclaiming Him to others. Do we turn to worship in that moment? Or do we... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Bob Condly.

Did you know there's a gender gap between worshippers in Church? Me neither! You'll read more in this guest post though.We knew Pastor Bob when we lived in another state before coming¬†here. He's incredibly gifted with words, both his teaching and his writing makes you think and ponder for a long time afterward. When our... Continue Reading →

Guest Post by Lance Price.

I came across posts by Lance when they passed through my reader. I was intrigued and went back to some of his older posts. While I've not yet met Lance, he and I have similar stories in that our respective parents divorced when we were teenagers. But God. God pursued me ( and He does... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Diana Monte.

Featured image is "Still waters at Dawn...... An original oil painting by Diana Monte." (with some editing)¬† I would love to tell you that what I remember fondly about Diana is her long, rich, black hair or her amazing height, but that's not it. Every time I think of her , I remember a woman... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Bruce Cooper.

I first read some of Bruce's posts as they came across my feed. I have to say that I am amazed by the depth of work, research and effort he has put into most of his posts. He writes straight out from the Bible and then explains it. I have re blogged several of his... Continue Reading →

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