Amen, Even so, come Lord Jesus.

When the Word became flesh and made His dwelling with us, (John 1:14) He, fully God and completely divine became human as well. Scripture and scientists and students of prophecy have concluded that He fulfilled all of the prophecies written about His first coming, and that it is very likely that He will fulfill all of the prophecies left when HE... Continue Reading →

The Gift of all ages.

As Christmas approaches, I find myself listening to more music on the birth of Christ, music on the divinity of Jesus while in human form, music on Him coming back again. I don't want to get caught up in the busyness and the worldliness of the season.  The tree and its trimmings, the cookies and its sprinkles , the gifts and its... Continue Reading →

Advent Stories: The Refugees

The Monday Heretic


Joseph: Well, another long day of travel. It really worked out, joining this caravan. We don’t even need to stop for directions. You know, it won’t be so bad, living away from home for a while. Like an extended vacation. The Nile is great this time of the year, I hear. I’ve always wanted to visit…tour the pyramids…wrestle crocodiles….

Mary: Hmm? Oh, yes, maybe so.

Joseph: You didn’t hear a word I just said.

Mary: Something about Egypt.

Joseph: That was a lucky guess, wasn’t it?

Mary: Do you think much about Jochebed?

Joseph: You mean the crazy old weaver who lived down the road in Nazareth?

Mary: No. The mother of Moses.

Joseph: Can’t say that I do. To me, that story didn’t get interesting until the flaming bush. There’s just something about fire….

Mary: Do you suppose she felt guilty that her son lived when so many others died?

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Advent Stories: The Angel — The Monday Heretic

Fear not! I figured I should get that out of the way. It’s not the best opening line, but when humans are constantly fainting or having near heart failure every time they see you, you learn to do a little advance damage control. I realize an angelic appearance can be a little startling at first, […]... Continue Reading →

Advent Stories: The Shepherd

The Monday Heretic

And sometimes I look for serious pictures of shepherds and realize this guy is my favorite anyway. And sometimes I look for serious pictures of shepherds and realize this guy is my favorite anyway.

What do you mean I don’t know what I’m talking about? Listen, I’ve got big news here, okay? Just because I’m a shepherd, you think you can just ignore this? David was a shepherd, you know. Lived right here in Bethlehem, and he grew up to be the greatest king we ever had.

Amos the prophet was a shepherd. Yeah. Do I know what he prophesied about? Not a clue. Past the “Thus sayeth the Lord” part, all those guys run together for me. But he heard things from God and spoke ‘em loud. That’s what matters.

Jacob and his kids—the tribes of Israel, you might have heard of them—were shepherds too. Joseph gave them land in Egypt when he was king of the world and stuff, and they took their livestock and…

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Advent Stories: The Prophetess

The Monday Heretic

Never get old. It just isn’t worth it.

Really, the noise in the marketplace today! It would’ve deafened me if I weren’t already deaf. I could barely get to the women’s court in the temple. It must be those Zealots again, causing trouble. Young people these days. Barely have time to pray, but they think they’ll start a revolution!

Change is coming. I’m old. I hate change. I consider it a major deviation from my routine when I eat an extra spoonful of lentils for breakfast. But what sort of change it is, whether it will be for the better, I can’t say. These are dark days.


That’s why I come here, to the temple, every day at precisely the same time, and have for so many years I’ve lost count. Do you know there are still a few who try to get me to leave? “A woman’s place is…

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Advent Stories: The Wise Man

The Monday Heretic

Just look at the sky tonight! It is, I believe, the most wondrous sight of this beautiful, terrible world—more than mountains, more than a sunrise or sunset. You see, stars are both order and beauty, science and art, all at once. We can predict them, chart them, map them…but we also use them to tell stories.

You must pardon me if I ramble. I have traveled a long way. All of us have.


Most members of my caravan speak your language. We are scholars, and it was taught to us many generations ago by the seer Belshazzar—you would know him as Daniel—and his fellow exiles. And so you understand our words, but still you seem to be puzzled by what we seek. When we tell you that we have come to pay tribute to the King of the Jews, you whisper in fear and confusion.

Your King Herod especially. I saw…

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He shall reign forevermore.

This Son of Man, and Son of God, willingly gave up His place by the Father's side and came to this earth that He created, for you, for me. If you were the only person He needed to save, He would have still done so. He chose us first, not because of anything that we did or can do or will do. He loves us with a love that cannot be appreciated or explained. This Christmas, let us remember Him. And come back to Him, wholly and completely surrendered to Him. He is The Word made Flesh, The Wonderful, The Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. He is Jesus.

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