Numbers Part 2

I wrote about the division of the tribes of Israel and their different blessings and what occurred because of their actions last week. In case you missed it, you can read it here. In this post let's talk about the rest of the Book of Numbers. Numbers is the 4th book in the Pentatuech and... Continue Reading →

The Book of Numbers. Part 1.

The book of Numbers is hard to read and to summarize. Mostly because when you're reading it without paying attention to the overall picture, all the numbers and census and people can be overwhelming. I've read it quite a few times these past few weeks ("read" as in had the audio Bible on!), and until... Continue Reading →

Luke part 3 : Jesus the Teacher.

The gospel of Luke is heavy in content to knowĀ and lessons to learnĀ and detailsĀ to rememberĀ and Jesus šŸ™‚ Luke has 24 chapters and I may take more than 4 parts to finish it all. If you missed THE RELATED POSTĀ Ā Luke part 1 : Jesus is willing. AND THE OTHER RELATED POSTĀ Ā Luke part 2 : Jesus the... Continue Reading →

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