Good morning! I hope you are leaning into Christ every day, because I sure need to! These past few months while I’ve been re-learning my identity in Christ, there’s been much travail and transition around me. Some things for good, and I’ve seen God’s hand in them, some things I’m just praying that I’ll see how God walked with me and the others affected soon!

Some of the changes that came about in the last few months are that we’re part of a monthly family fellowship. We take turns hosting in our home and they do in theirs’. My husband is completely on board and loves the worship, the message and meeting together. We have had a few already. These families have become some of our dearest friends.

I’ve also been given an opportunity to serve the women in our church along with a group of amazing women. My role has changed as I get to bring a lot of ideas to the meetings and I’ve been given almost free reign with implementing those that are accepted. I’m having fun doing what I love in this role, and part of it is organizing a monthly ladies fellowship. With my husband’s blessing we met at our home for a few months, and now that we’ve outgrown our home, we meet at the church. I love how God has been working (and still is!) in their lives. I so appreciate being a fly on the wall as God shows off, mending broken hearts, bringing healing and creating a safe place for the women to grow in.

At the same time I get to help my pastor with the social media stuff for our church, not just for the women. I’m immensely privileged to be working alongside her. She’s incredibly talented and so hard working. I have new respect for her as I realize how much she has done by herself. She is a great encourager and loves equipping people while simultaneously pushing them to improve. She never micro-manages and it makes working with her rewarding. I may be biased, but I think our church has the best pastor team!

My husband and I are growing closer to each other. First I have to say it’s the Lord’s doing (and yes it is marvelous in our eyes!) .He has knit us together and this three cord strand is becoming stronger by the day. Then it’s been family and friends helping us, encouraging us and praying for us. We are so blessed to have a faithful group of people around us who constantly help turn our eyes to Him.

Lastly but definitely not the least, my babies are doing well. Little miss C struggled with making friends at her new school for a bit, but is now loving it. Her teacher said she absorbs everything she is taught like a sponge. C also seems completely unabashed asking people if they believe in Jesus! (she asked a parent chaperone this, on a recent field trip!!!!). Master A is doing well at his center. The beginning of this year was a little rough as his hours increased (due to insurance) but he’s settling into a routine now. He is also sleeping much better (and all tired parents everywhere said, “Hallelujah”!).

C has always loved baking with me, she has done so since she was about 3 years old. Now she’s cooking with me. She’s made chicken curry and fish curry (even cutting the meat) and Indian flat bread with me. A is now very curious and wants to stay in the kitchen with me (because of her), we may start letting him help us out from time to time. C loves math and reading and spelling (not writing though) and A loves writing and reading. She reads books and he reads songs with lyrics. Our house is loud and full of noise and laughter and fun and screaming. We wouldn’t have it any other way πŸ™‚

These have been some of the reasons why I haven’t been able to devote much time here. I appreciate all of you, but I hope you have a church that teaches you, and a support system around you to help you grow. I have been given gifts and responsibilities and I’m trying to steward them well. For a season, some of them need to take a backseat. Others will need immediate attention and a lot of time and energy given to it. I love writing here too much to take it for granted. I wish to prepare well and study constantly. For now I’m going to write when I have blocks of time to do so properly.

Until later,

Much peace and grace,