Hello! Hello! Welcome to a new month. In honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve started a series on LOVE. What it looks like in different scenarios in the Bible.

You may have also noticed that the site has a new name. I finally bought my own domain and I’m thrilled!!!!! The purpose of this blog as always is to talk or write about God. His Faithfulness, His Goodness, His Mercy, His Word, HIM.

I will continue to write summaries on the chapters of the Bible and posts that are not summaries will be designed to lead you to Him and to give you hope. Happy February and thanks for your continued support and encouragement. 


Some time ago I either heard or read a comparison of the miracles in John 5 and John 9. Since then I’ve meaning to write a post on it. This comparison gave me so much hope and promise to hold on to for my son. To read more of our journey with him, go here.

With this post, my intention is to show how much Jesus cares for us. We are not un-important, we are not rejected, alone and friendless, we are not less. We are His and He loves to heal us. Physically, yes, but more so spiritually.

In John 5 (the healing at the pool), we see a man who had been an invalid for thirty-eight years lying by the pool of Bethesda. Jesus asked him if he wanted to get well, to which he replied, he had no one to help him into the pool.

(Extra notes in the Bible say that there was a stirring of the waters by an angel from time to time and the first person who got into the water after the disturbance would be cured).

Jesus told the man to get up, pick up his mat and walk. The man is healed (on a Sabbath). The man is stopped by Jewish leaders and asked not to carry his mat (he’s not allowed to do work on the Sabbath).

The man told them that the Man who had healed him had commanded him to do so. When the leaders ask him who it was, he is unable to tell them Jesus’ name. Later Jesus found the man, and told him to stop sinning or something worse would happen to him. This man went to the leaders and told them that it was Jesus who had healed him.

In John 9 (Jesus heals a man born blind). Jesus and His disciples saw a man who was blind from birth. His disciples wondered who had sinned, his parents or him, for him to be afflicted.

Jesus replied Neither. That(the blindness) had happened so that the works of God would be displayed in the man. Jesus further told them that He was the light of the world and as long as it was Day, He needed to do the works of His Father.

Jesus then spat on the ground, and made mud with the saliva and used that on the man’s eyes. Jesus told the man to go wash his eyes at the pool of Siloam. The man did so and was healed and came home seeing.

People around him disagreed among themselves if he was the man who had been begging. The man himself insisted that he was the same man. They were surprised that he could see now and asked him.

He replied that the man named Jesus had put mud on his eyes and bade him go to Siloam and wash his eyes. So he went, washed and then could see. They asked him where Jesus was and he din’t know. This man was also healed on a Sabbath.

The people brought this man to the Pharisees to investigate the healing. Some of the Pharisees din’t believe that Jesus was from God because He did not keep their rules. Others insisted that no sinner would be able to perform any healings.

They turned to the blind man and asked him for his opinion. The man said that He was a prophet. The Pharisees were not convinced that the man had been born blind, so they sent for his parents. The parents confirmed that indeed he had been born blind, but did not know how he had been healed. They asked the Pharisees to ask him themselves.

By this time, the people knew that any one who acknowledged that Jesus was the Messiah, would be put out of the Synagogue and out of fear of that happening, these parents distanced themselves from their son’s healing.

The Pharisees summoned the man for a second time and tried to make him see that Jesus was a sinner. To which the man replied, he did not know if the man was a sinner or not, but he knew that he had been blind and now could see. The Pharisees asked again about the method of his healing.

This time it looks like the man lost his temper. He said he had already told them again and again and asked (probably sarcastically) if they wanted to become disciples of Jesus too.

The Pharisees hurled insults at him. They declared that they were disciples of Moses. They knew that Moses had heard from God, but they did not know where Jesus had come from.

Amazed, the man told them that even though the Pharisees din’t know where Jesus came from, He had opened his eyes. He further told them that God only listens to godly people who do His will, not to sinners. So he theorized that if Jesus had not been from God, He could have done nothing.

Angered, the Pharisees threw the man out of the Synagogue.

Jesus later found the man and asked him if he believed in the Son of Man. The man asked to be told of Him so that He might believe. Jesus answered that he had seen Him and that Man was speaking to him. The man replied that he believed and he worshipped Jesus.

Jesus said that He had come for judgement into the world. That the blind would see and those who saw would become blind. Some Pharisees nearby took offense at this and asked scornfully if they were blind as well.

Jesus replied that if they had been blind, they would not be guilty(of sin), but now that they claimed they could see, their guilt would remain.

Some of the comparisons we see in these passages are:

  • The first man hadn’t know who His Healer was, while the second knew that it was the man named Jesus.
  • Jesus healed the first man on the spot while He sent the second man elsewhere to receive his healing.
  • Jesus found the first man and told him to stop sinning, while He told His disciples that neither the second man nor his parents had sinned.
  • Jesus told His disciples that the ‘works of God would be displayed’ in the second man, not the first.
  • The first man after he had discovered Jesus’ identity went to the rulers with His name. The second man firmly insisted that Jesus was a prophet and stood his ground even when he was thrown out of the Synagogue.
  • Jesus went to the second man and gave him an invitation to follow the Son of Man, He didn’t do so with the first.
  • The second man was sent to the Pool of Siloam ( which also means sent) to wash his eyes and come back. The disciples were later called Apostles which means sent. They were also sent out into the world and at the end went ‘home’ to their Heavenly Father. This man was called to be a disciple of Jesus.

I love John 9 for so many reasons. We see that God the Father has work to be done and that will be done by His Son and later by His disciples(us) while it is still Day. There will be a time when it is Night(when the devil will have free reign with the world) and at that time, no work can be done.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit have not stoped working. They are still healing us today and making us whole. God the Son only does what He sees the Father do. And that’s our purpose too, we do the works done by the Son.

This is LOVE. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, and by doing so, He restored us to the Father.

This is LOVE. Our Healer God is still alive and active in our lives today.

This is LOVE. We have been given an invitation to come and follow the Son of Man. Will you accept? If you have done so already, it’s time for us to worship Him.

This is LOVE. The trials and hardships and struggles and sorrows happen in our lives so that The Works Of God May Be Displayed In our Lives.

Will you accept this LOVE?

Until next week,