In the last few weeks several posts by myriad authors on WORSHIP have come across my feed. I’m simply overwhelmed at the timing of them all. Some posts were written recently by bloggers I follow, several were written a year or two earlier , when I din’t know them. And then there are posts like today’s. I came across Lureta’s post just as I did  Kristen’s , while I was scrolling through to find ones on worship.
I love how each post is slightly different and yet, and yet, they ALL point to Christ. Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps? Here we are, an online community, a body, of Christ-minded believers, willing to raise hands, hearts and voices to our Maker. And we find brothers and sisters to stand alongside us and praise HIM above else.
Anyways I’m pretty sure you will love Lureta’s Let us come back to the heart of worship.
Let me introduce you to her first.

Lureta has been married to her best friend Shawn for 23 years. She is a mom to two children who are currently completing their post secondary studies. She has been  a registered nurse for 27 years now.

Luretta Ecktor
Lureta Ector.
Some of her favorite things are cheese cake, chocolate and hot cups of coffee. She loves coffee!!!! She enjoys sunny days and seaside vacations. She loves worshipful songs. Her greatest hope is to encourage and inspire others to passionately pursue God.
You can find her on these social media:
Instagram @luretaector
Facebook Lureta Ector
Let us come back to the heart of worship.
If you did not get to click on the link earlier, here it is again  Let us come back to the heart of Worship.
Until next week,
Grace unto you,