Exodus is the 2nd book in the Bible and the 2nd one written by Moses. I wrote summaries of the 40 chapters which you can find here and here. Between the end of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus, over 400 years have passed. In between the Age of the Patriachs end and the Age of the slavery begins. As God had promised Abraham in Genesis several of the promises come to fruition here in Exodus. Like I said, over 400 years after they were made.

Some of the promises made and fulfilled:

  • In Genesis 12:1-3 God tells Abraham that He will make him into a great nation. This is seen fulfilled in Exodus 1:9-21. The people are too numerous and they terrify the present pharaoh who devises ways and methods to subjugate the Israelites but they continue to increase. This is also a fulfillment of God’s blessing in Genesis 1 :27-28 when He blessed Adam and Eve and told them to be fruitful and to multiply .
  • In Genesis 12:7 and Genesis 13 :14-17 while Abram (childless at both times) is in Canaan, The Lord appears to him and tells him that his children will possess that land. Joseph (Abraham’s grandson)’s siblings and their families go down to Egypt during a famine and stay there and flourish and multiply until their descendants are made slaves. With Moses they leave Egypt and come back to Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey that is promised to them.
  • In Genesis 15:1 God tells Abram He is his shield (protection) and very great reward (provision). We see this fulfilled in Exodus 13:22, Exodus 14: 13-14, Exodus 14:19-20 where the glory of the Lord goes before the Israelites as a cloud during the day and a fire during the night. This fire comes between the Israelites and the pursuing Egyptians at the Red Sea and allows the Israelites to cross over on dry ground (protection). This same presence of God brings manna for the people to eat and drives quail into their camp later in Exodus 16 (provision). God alone protected them from their enemies and provided for them for 40 years as He promised.
  • In Genesis 15:13 God tells Abram that his descendants will be ill treated and slaves in a country not their own for 400 years. This is recorded in Exodus 12: 40-41.
  • In Genesis 15:14 God tells Abram that his descendants will plunder the people when they leave their slavery behind. This happens when the people after Moses’ commandments, ask their neighbors for things, in Exodus 12: 35-36.

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If you see other promises fulfilled in Exodus, please write them in the comments below.

In Exodus, we see the chosen people enslaved. We see God’s awesome display of strength and power in the signs and miracles He performed. We see a strong and militant people (Egypt) cowed and terrified because of the Israelites. We see a miraculous deliverance by God. This is so spectacular that He gives the people instructions on how to remember these events and also to teach future generations so that they do not forget that they serve a Mighty God. (Even Stephen reminds the council of Pharisees and Sadducees of this during his speech to them in Acts, before he was stoned).

In Exodus, we see God’s faithfulness displayed again and again and again. In protecting them. In guiding them. In providing ( food and water) for them. We see a continuous grumbling and murmuring and general disobedience on the part of the Israelites. They complain about their lack (of food and water the most) often without remembering the miracles they had seen God do on their behalf. We see God’s goodness and grace in that He was patient with them, until He was tested to the limit. We see Moses interceding (standing the gap) for the people often. Moses reminded God of His promises and His character and His strength. He does this not for the people but for the Lord’s sake. So that His Name will be known all over the earth and that other peoples will Worship Him.

In Exodus we are given glimpses of God’s splendor and of His matchless beauty and His creative genius. Here (after Adam and Eve are made to leave the garden of Eden) we see God coming down to dwell among His people (the Tabernacle). We see the Spirit filling certain individuals and giving them the wherewithal to make things for the Tabernacle and items for the Priesthood according to God’s very specific instructions.

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Exodus is a beautiful example of God fulfilling His promises, of His dwelling among us, of Him choosing us to His people. It’s also an example of the consequences of disobedience and of complaining against God and His will. May we always learn from the book. To be obedient to His word. And not to think we know our own way.

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