This is the last and final post on the Gospel of Luke. Whew!! Who would have thought that a summary of just 4-5 chapters would consist of 1500-1800 words per post and there have been 4 already. That’s nearly 6000-7000 words and I still have the last few chapters left! The featured image above is the poster made by The Bible Project team , the ones who have made the visual videos that I add to these posts. Some other places that provide summaries of the chapters/books of the Bible are @BibleSummary  on Twitter , Insights into the Bible by Chuck Swindoll and Books of the Bible in a few sentences by Jeffery Kranz. There are definitely others but these are the ones I’ve used. If you’ve missed previous posts on the Gospel of Luke , you an read them here by clicking on the links, Luke part 1 : Jesus is willing., Luke part 2 : Jesus the healer.,Luke part 3 : Jesus the Teacher. and Luke part 4 : With Jesus nothing is impossible.

In chapter 21: Jesus commends a poor widow’s offering. When the disciples look in awe at the Temple, Jesus tells them that the Temple will be torn down. He also warns them to be on their guard against the end times’ false messiahs. Jesus also warns His disciples ( and us), that we will be betrayed and punished and persecuted, but not to worry, because He will give us words and the wisdom that our adversaries cannot contradict. Jesus tells us that when the end times’ signs take place we are to stand and lift up our hands for our redemption is near. He tells to be alert for the day and to always pray. His words will never pass away unfulfilled. Each day Jesus taught in the Temple and every night He went to pray to the Father.

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In chapter 22 : This is a sad but very human chapter ( all the people in this chapter with the exception of Jesus are fearful, angry, frightened, guilty, argumentative, bewildered, impulsive, weary, mocking and scornful.) Judas decides to betray Jesus. Jesus institutes what is now known as Communion at the Passover Festival. The disciples argue about who is the greatest among themselves. Jesus tells His disciples to equip themselves with everything they have when they set out to tell others about Jesus. Jesus prays at the garden of Gethsamane and is so anguished His sweat turns to blood. He is strengthened by an angel. Jesus submits Himself to the Father’s will.  His disciples are weary and fall asleep instead of watching and praying. Jesus is betrayed by Judas. One of the disciples cuts off someone’s ear. Jesus heals the man. Jesus is brought to the High priest for trial and in the courtyard Peter denies Jesus thrice. Jesus is mocked and insulted by the guards and then taken before the Council of the Synagogue ( the chief priests and the teachers of the law). Jesus declares that He ( the Son of Man and the Son of God) will sit at the right hand of the Mighty God.

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In chapter 23: Jesus is taken before Pilate and the Jewish leaders instigated the people to ask for Jesus’ death. When Pilate hears that Jesus is a Galilean, he sends Him to Herod (who had jurisdiction over Galilee and was in Jerusalem at that time probably for the Feast). Herod is intrigued by Jesus but finds no fault worthy of death and sends Him back to Pilate. Pilate releases a murderer named Barabbas and allows the Jews to crucify Jesus. While the soldiers lead Jesus and 2 other condemned criminals to the place called Skull ( Golgotha) ,they seize a man named Simon (of Cyrene) and force him to carry Jesus’ cross.  A large number of people follow Jesus’ path even women who mourned for Him. He tells them to weep for themselves not Him. Jesus forgives His tormentors. Jesus offers paradise to one criminal who asks for it. From noon till 3 in the afternoon darkness covers the land. Jesus breathes His last and gives His Spirit to the Father. The curtain in the Temple is torn in half. A ( Roman) centurion praises God and calls Him a righteous man. Joseph ( of Arimathea), a good man of the Council of the Synagogue who had not consented to having Jesus killed, asks Pilate fro Jesus’ body and wrapping it in linen cloth places it in a new tomb ( his own). The women{1} who followed Jesus see where He’s laid and go home to prepare spices and perfumes, and rest on the Sabbath, in obedience to the scriptures.

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In chapter 24: On the first day of the week after the Sabbath, the women with the prepared spices , went to the tomb. They found the stone ( blocking the tomb) rolled away, and when they went in, they found an empty tomb. They were wondering about the missing body of Jesus , when they saw 2 men in clothes that gleamed like lightning that frightened them. The women bowed to the strangers when they asked the women why they were searching for the Living among the dead. They reminded the women of the Lord’s words when He said He must be handed over to sinners and then will be raised again on the third day.  The women went back and told the eleven disciples. The disciples thought these events were nonsense, but Peter ran to the tomb ,and bending in saw the linen strips lying there and went away. On the same day 2 disciples {3} were on the road to Emmaus {2} and were sorrowful about Jesus’ death. They met a Stranger who walked with them to Emmaus talking about the Scriptures ( beginning with Moses and the Prophets) and showed them that Jesus needed to die first, to redeem the people. When they reached Emmaus, they persuaded the Stranger to dine with them. He went in and took the bread and gave thanks to God. Their eyes were opened and they realized the Stranger was the Risen Jesus. He disappeared from their midst. They left immediately to Jerusalem and told the disciples. While they were discussing this, Jesus appears among them and blessed them with Peace. They were frightened. Jesus calms their fears by showing them His wounded hands and feet and then eating a piece of fish to show that He is real. Jesus opened their minds to the scriptures of Moses and the prophets and the psalms, so that they can understand what was written about Him. Jesus tells all of them ( and us) that they were witnesses for Him and he will go to the Father, but they must stay in the city to be clothed with power from on high ( The Holy Spirit). When Jesus led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, He blessed them, and ascended up to Heaven. The disciples returned to Jerusalem with rejoicing and stayed in the Temple praising God.

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{1} The women mentioned here are Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James ( possibly Mary the mother of Jesus) and there were other women with them.

{2} Emmaus a town, was about 7 miles from Jerusalem and was a Sabbath’s day walk (The distance allowed to the Israelites to be traversed if needed on the Sabbath day).

{3} One of the disciples on the road to Emmaus was named Cleophas.

Well that’s it. The Gospel of Luke in five parts. After this I’ll go back to the Old Testament to Numbers. See you next week,