When we first moved to a new city in 2016 for my husband’s job and started going to a new church, I wanted to jump in and start serving in the church right away. After all that’s what I did in the previous two churches in the 2 different cities that we had been a part of for the last 6 years. Monica, though, told me to wait. Monica, who has become a dear friend, and a godly mentor to me these last few months. Monica, on that Saturday, had just met me at a ladies’ brunch at the church. She barely knew me, but prompted by the Holy Spirit, told me to wait. Wait on the Lord first and foremost. Wait to serve Him, but serve Him by serving my husband and my children in the meantime. Serve Him by investing in my children’s lives (like an investment broker 🙂 ). Serve Him by being present with my husband. Honour Him with what I was doing and not worry about what I thought I should be doing.

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I’m so glad that I did listen to her.

My younger son who had been diagnosed with Autism in 2015, started up ABA therapy and his hours went up from 15 to 20 and then 26 and 30 hours per week. I’ve had therapists in and out of my house for the past 2 years (2 different states) and I still do :-). Sometimes things happen, they are sick or their children are, a tire’s flat and they can’t drive, it’s a snow day and they can’t come, and sessions have had to be rescheduled. Because I wasn’t signed up in church, to serve in any capacity on a weekly basis and I wasn’t expected anywhere, I was able to accommodate any and all changes within reason 🙂

In the nearly 2 years of therapy, we’ve seen a lot of changes and improvements, some steps going back, but everything we’ve done so far, and everything we’ve sacrificed , all the time we’ve spent has been worth it 🙂

We’ve gone from merely surviving to a place where we can say , as a family in the midst of the fullness and busyness of life, we’re thriving. My daughter loves her school and enjoys every minute spent there. My son and I, our days are filled with his therapy and we’re learning to have fun during the long days, with visits to parks and play areas thrown in. My husband’s learning to balance his work and home life with us. Apart from our daily schedules, the only places we go “out” to are churches ( we still attend 3-4 churches often, with 1-2 churches being our stable that we attend every week), different parks and play areas in malls/ MacDonald’s/ Chick-Fill-A’s. We eat out very rarely and do other fun things almost never. It’s easier taking my son to places that he’s used to, so that he’s not overwhelmed.

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There are several instances in the last few months that I’ve seen God’s Hand at work in our lives. I’ve also seen confirmation that the advice Monica gave me to wait, was indeed from the Holy Spirit. Adam has been making more eye contact, understanding more of what we say, speaking more and letting us know his wants appropriately. He’s been affectionate, demonstrating and asking for attention and affection like other boys his age. He’s been sleeping well and eating more as well. Christina is talking up a storm and dreaming up stories and able to articulate what she feels and tell us exactly what happened in school and what her friends did ( for a child who needed speech therapy to start talking, this is amazing!).

One of the times I remember was a Sunday when we were at our main church, which is a family service (the children sit with us so we take play doh, writing things, markers, pipe cleaners and snacks to keep them occupied and busy during the service). Adam had just started demonstrating affection in the weeks before that Sunday. He came and sat on my lap and was busy with his things and Christina came over and sat on my lap too. Adam kept looking at me, and touching my face, and smiling when I smiled back at home. Christina didn’t fight or push her brother off 🙂 and was busy with her own things. My husband had the snacks, he would offer the marshmallows (from the Lucky Charms cereal ) or the veggie straws or the cookies to them. They went and took it from him, and came back to my lap. This pattern went on throughout the hour and half service. That was also the first time that Adam sat throughout the service without making a ruckus.

Usually halfway through one of us takes him to the car. We love the pastor and the family and their love for God and the teaching of His Word authentically and so we continue to worship there. We go to 2 of the churches because the children’s programs are amazing and they make a real effort to include Adam in the regular classes (and the teaching is straight from God’s Word too which we appreciate). The other regular church that we attend weekly is down the street from us, and we love attending the mid week service, it gives us a safe place to take the children as well as an opportunity to worship God together as a couple.

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So on that Sunday in December, Adam and Christina sat on my lap and were cuddly and loving and gentle and I was grateful. I was grateful for God working in their lives. I was grateful to Him for showing me that my time invested in them was paying dividends. I was grateful that all the months and years and minutes uncounted that I was working with Adam that nobody saw was showing tangible results. I was grateful to God for our family and marriage which He had restored. I was grateful that our children are happy, fun-loving, cuddly children and were thriving.

I still am. When I think of how far away these milestones were 2 years ago, I’m overwhelmed with His goodness. How Kind, how Compassionate, how Gentle, how Good our God is. To show me He is working, He is still working with all of us. To show me He is in control. To show me He loves Christina and Adam more than I ever will. To show me that they are made in His Image, and He will use them to Glorify Himself through them. To show me that He Is God. He Will Always Be. He knows what He’s doing. I just have to trust Him.

I want to mention at this time, that I don’t go by my “feelings and emotions”. I’m up and down, but whatever happens then, whatever I feel, First I bring it to the Lord, Second I wait, Third I search through scripture to back it up or refute it, and finally I either bring it to my husband or a trusted godly family member or my mentor. (When I “feel’ that God said something or something was from God or that God is doing something in my life )

There are times when I have peace about certain things, but I don’t naturally assume every time I have peace about something, it is from God. Which is why I’ve taken so long to write this post. Our feelings and emotions are part of who we are, and are definitely given to us from God ( Psalm 139 For I am fearfully and wonderfully made), but Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is deceitful above all things, is true as well. God is a good Father from whom we receive every good and perfect gift and who does not change like shifting shadows James 1:7. We can wait on Him, if it is definitely from Him, it will stand the test of time, it will not change. If it is not from Him, the passing of time will reveal it as well.

There are also times, when you know, it is from God. Those moment/s and situation/s look different for everybody. At those times, it is in your best interest (and mine) to completely follow through on the instructions/ direction / commandments being given by God.

Anyway this post is about seeing His faithfulness and marveling at His goodness for me and mine. It’s about remembering where we were and how far He’s brought us. He has definitely been working in all four of us and we can see the results. I write this to praise Him for what He has done, knowing He will continue to do so. I write this to glorify Him for Who He Is. My Maker, my Father, my Shepherd, my Healer, my God and my LORD.

Some of my favourite verses on waiting are

1.Psalm 46:10

10 He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God;

    I will be exalted among the nations,

    I will be exalted in the earth.’

2.Isaiah 30:15

15 This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:

‘In repentance and rest is your salvation,

    in quietness and trust is your strength,

    but you would have none of it.


3.2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

4.Philippians 1:6

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

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If you’ve seen God’s faithfulness to you, would you share that with me?

With gratitude and praise,