Whether you feel you are writing for God, or actually are…

There’s a dangerous balance between claiming a story is “God-given” and writing a story with the desire to bring God glory. Biblical writers had inspired words driven to the page by God’s own word (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:21). We, on the other hand, may feel compelled or even called to write a story […]

via Finding Confidence When Fear is Real: A Writing Journey (Part 3) —

Hey , when you want to either elevate yourself or you are discouraged with where you’re going, this is good to remember. Your talents, your gifts, your writing is His.

Please swing by Kailee’s blog and I know you will be blessed.


2 thoughts on “Whether you feel you are writing for God, or actually are…

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  1. I appreciate your stopping in at The Ruminant Scribe and I pray that the comments brought you encouragement and perhaps even a challenge to ruminate on during the week. I also have reviewed your site and thank you for your comments. I particularly like the thought that all of God’s word is important, even when we don’t understand it or it seems archaic. His Word was breathed out by Him and we are foolish when we ignore it. It is His love letter to us, and it contains what He wants us to know about Him. What a glorious God we serve — one who does not make us guess what He desires. He says it straight out in His Word. Thanks for your posts. Blessings to you today.

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