Jesus made this claim in Revelation – that he is Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End,  the First and Last (Rev 1:8, 22:12 )

Most of us are great at starting new projects. We open a new book or start a remodelling project or assemble the new home fitness machine with enthusiasm and determination. Starting projects is not our problem! Where we run into trouble is on the other end – or somewhere in the middle. Finishing that new landscape design or sticking to the diet or actually using the treadmill three times a week is where we struggle.

In Revelation, Jesus makes an astonishing claim about the biggest endeavour of all time – the entire human story. Jesus says that he was present when it all began and that he will be there when human history comes to a conclusion. He is the first letter of the human saga – the Alpha – and he will be the final letter of the final chapter – the Omega. ( Rev 1:8, 22:12 )

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Some questions for you.

  1. How do you feel knowing that God was at the beginning of your story?
  2. What do you feel knowing He’ll be there as you draw your last breath here, and your first in heaven?
  3. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus will be the one who brings the human story to the conclusion he desires?
  4. How does Jesus’ claim to be the sovereign Lord over history – and over your life – help you face the successes and tragedies of your daily experience?
  5. What difference does knowing who Jesus is make in how we live each day?

Affirm that Jesus is your sovereign Lord and that your desire is to please him in all you do and say. That you will live for Him, delight in Him and stay in His will.

This is taken from the Scripture Union bible study..

Be blessed friend, as you remember He was with you through it all, the bad, the hurtful, the good, the joyful.