John 8: 12-20 Jesus says He is the Light of the world, that those who follow Him live in the light as well. He’s come to expose the darkness and the deeds done in the dark. He’s also a witness to Himself, and His Father is another . In this He claims to be so trustworthy that a testimony about Himself by Himself is worthy of a court 🙂 And He has proven it to be true. There is no shadow of turning in Him, and He is always light.

The concept of light and dark is accessible to us all. Jesus used it in John 8, and it made sense to the audience then. In the same way it can make sense to us today. We understand that light makes things clear and visible; it’s essential. At the same time, we can see that darkness hides, covers up and hinders us from getting things done!

If you’re familiar with this concept, living in the light can be something that sounds obvious because the metaphor is so simple. But as usual, when Jesus gives us an idea to respond to, it can challenge us in a deep and profound way. We see that light is essential for life to continue. Initially, we need it for our world to work. We also need it to operate freely – without light, there’d be a lot more accidents and bruises! Light also exposes; things done in the light are visible and not secret.

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By naming himself as the ‘light of the world’, Jesus was explaining that without him things wouldn’t work, things wouldn’t grow and things wouldn’t be exposed. Jesus was showing us through this statement that his light is good and essential.

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Living in the light is a simple image and idea, but living it out practically can be challenging. It involves choosing this light over spiritual darkness. Living in the light involves integrity, truth, sacrifice and being ourselves.

Jesus reiterated that he had the authority to claim this truth because of who he was and his relationship to his Father, God – and because he knew where he was from and where he was going as God’s Son.

Jesus is the light of the world. This is amazing and great news! As we look around in our own lives, in our smaller communities and in the wider world, it’s not hard to see that there is a lot of darkness. Many areas are influenced by the darkness of sin and by things that distract us from living in the world that God planned and created for us.

As we look at Jesus as the light of the world, we realise that he is the solution to our problem of darkness. In Jesus there is hope, there is truth, there is no shame, and nothing needs to be hidden or feared any more. We are also challenged about sin in this statement. Sin happens in darkness where we can get away with it but, as we live with our lives more fully exposed to God, we discover that, if we would let him, he would probably change a lot more in our lives than we’re ready or willing to give him access to.

When it comes to God, it is good for us to live in the light. There’s nothing we can do that God is unaware of (Psalm 139) and that to live in a way that allows the ‘light’ in, is a way of letting go of shame and of being free.

This is taken from here, Scripture Union Bible Study.

Be blessed friend as you live in His light and are a light in the world,