A friend Liv C, recently asked me, what the purpose of my blog was. I let her know that it isn’t a parenting blog, nor a marriage one, and not of devotionals either.(While I subscribe to several and read/watch YouTube videos on marriage and parenting and devotionals, this blog isn’t for that purpose).

It’s to worship The One True God in spirit and in truth .

This blog isn’t meant to take the place of your individual and private worship. This isn’t meant to take the place of corporate worship and praise (church). You also shouldn’t receive your theology from here. This blog should be an addition to your own study or give you a starting point, a taste, a teaser of where you could start, and what you will learn from there. I write these words as my act of worship to God. Most everything I write is not new, it’s been studied and written and taught on by others. Sometimes I read several authors and commentaries and then put that into my own words. Sometimes I copy and paste their words without changing anything 🙂 . I write, otherwise these words rattle around in my mind with nowhere to go. I write after studying and reading, and that time spent researching is healing to me. I write to know Him more just as I am fully known.  May I ask you to go deeper into His word, to study for yourself, to taste Him for yourself and take Him up on His promises? You will know Him just as you are fully known 1 Corinthians 13:12.

I got this idea from a video of a young boy who talks about who Jesus is in every book of the Bible. It’s an old one, but watching it again made me appreciate how the Bible is one long story , written by close to 40 authors, but always with God at the center. At the same time I came across videos by The Bible project, who have done an incredible job explaining each book and how it connects to Jesus.

So……. let’s dive into Genesis.

In chapters 1-2: God is the creator God. Elohim. He forms order out of chaos, beauty of nothing and man from dust. He puts man in charge, makes a helpmate out of his rib, institutes the first marriage and gives him instructions.

In chapter 3 : Man rebels against God, and explicitly disobeys Him. God makes them pay the consequences of their sin but graciously gives them clothing (the first sacrifices).

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In chapters 4-5: God is head of the first family. He cautions Cain against anger. He hears the cry of innocent blood spilled. He has compassion on the wrongdoer and keeps him under His protection( even as he bears the consequences). He watches over the people now populating the world, as they separate themselves into the sons of God(who follow God’s commandments) and the sons of men(those who don’t).

In chapters 6,7,8 : God is grieved by the increasing wickedness of the people. He chooses to start over by flooding the earth and everyone on it. He rescues a family of 8 and 2 of all the animals and creatures of the earth in an ark, one that takes over 100 years to build according to the detailed instructions of God. He brings them out on a clean and washed and new land.

In chapters 9-10 : God makes a promise to Noah, that He will not destroy the whole earth again. He blesses Noah and his family again. His son mocks his father and is cursed for it.

In chapter 11 : People rebel again and chose to make a name for themselves. God scatters them across the world and creates a lot of peoples and cultures and languages in the process.


In this first part of Genesis , we see God as Elohim (creator God), as an author of marriage between one man and one women and the family as a sacred unit. He is grieved by man’s sinfulness but in His mercy and long-suffering nature, He gives man plenty of time and several generations to make the wise and correct choice. He destroys the earth by a flood but protects His own through it. He makes a promise with His chosen family which He has kept even now close to 8000 years later. Years later He is grieved again by man’s rebelliousness and disperses humankind to the ends of the earth.

May I ask you to read these chapters and find out who He is for yourself? What is your favorite verse from chapters 1-11 of Genesis?

With love friend,