“I have made you beautiful.”

He has made us beautiful, because He first loved us. While we were sinners, He chose us,a nd made us His own, and changed and is changing us into His image. Child of God, remember Who you belong to.

This is a post by karengriffinblog  that I’m re-posting because it’s got a  phenomenal subject.

While I’ll post on Mondays, I’ll post (sometimes) others’ work on Thursdays, and during December, all bets are off. It may come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

Love Vanessa.


Made Ready


People say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is true, and every bride wants to be beautiful to her groom. A bride spends much time preparing her outward beauty. She finds the dress that accentuates her figure. Often times, she spend months dieting and exercising trying to lose those pesky 5 to 10 pound that she thinks makes her look fat. For her wedding day, she pays someone to do her hair and makeup. She picks the precise jewelry that will flatter her facial features. In short, she does everything she can to make herself as beautiful as she can be.

Preparing for our heavenly bride groom is a different endeavor. When He looks at us, He isn’t impressed by our ornate gown or our perfectly arranged hair. Our groom looks deep into our hearts. He desires to behold the inner beauty of His bride.

How can…

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  1. I appreciated the spotlight on the shallow focus on outward beauty compared to inner beauty!! If society was more conscious of the value of inner beauty and kindness and caring our country and the world would be better off. No wonder there is little interest in seniors and a fanatic concentration on youth. Are people so blinded to the circle of life to realize that one day time will take a toll on outward beauty and then what will they have? What will be their value if they rely solely on outward beauty! Very insightful!!!

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