The Bible says that God will expose what is done in secret. He ll reward or punish us according to who we are and what we do. Will we, me , you, be called goats and told to go away , since He doesn’t know who we are ( even if we call Him Lord), or will we be the sheep taken His kingdom. His sheep. His children. The ones who hear ” Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and enter into my rest”. You and I need to decide now.

Heather Bock

I introduced you to Dr. Mike Bechtle, a friend mine, last week when I reviewed his latest book, I Wish He Had Come with Instructions, a helpful book about how a man’s brain works. I’m glad to say that I get to publish a post of his on my blog today. Be sure to check out his blog at this link. I’m also giving away a copy of his book, so read to the end of this post for instructions on how to win a chance at it. Enjoy!

Faking Integrity

When I was growing up in Phoenix, most people had Bermuda grass lawns. Anywhere else, Bermuda grass would be considered a weed, and we’d fight to get rid of it. It takes very little water and grows in just about any type of soil. That makes it an ideal ground cover for the intense summer heat.


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