This is a post about , really the body of Christ. Interconnected in a beautiful tapestry or quilt. I’m guilty of looking at the other squares and patches and thinking they’re more beautiful than mine. But…. He’s the God who sees. El Roi. And He knows our purpose.

Heather Bock


My guest post today is by Bethany O’Banion, a gifted poetic writer who is able to make a metaphor come to life. She attends the church I attended in Knoxville, but I don’t know that I ever had the privilege of meeting her then. We were connected, instead, after I moved to Texas through Facebook. I am inspired by her writing and beautiful mind and heart, and I am very excited to introduce her to you. This post about interconnectedness, what we have to offer when we are that way, and the God who truly sees us is beautiful. After reading, please take the time to check out her own blog here for more. I’m also in the middle of a drawing for a free Bible if you’d like to participate–see the end of the post for details.

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