Recently the church we attend held a technology seminar for women. They had talks on how to get started. How to glorify God with our giftings. How to stay safe. I chose to go, because I wanted help bringing this blog to the next level. While I’m glad , for the most part , that I went. I was also intimated. I still am.

There was a lady, Sherry,  who after having three biological children, adopted triplets domestically, then twins from overseas, found out she was pregnant again, and that child had health issues that would make life difficult, so she adopted another child from overseas with the same disease.  I say she, but it was really she and her husband. They were so overwhelmed with the different issues that the various children faced, that she started making and selling necklaces , giving back $5 from each sale to one of those causes.  Were you counting as I mentoned her children? They have 10! And she makes necklaces! !!! And sells them. And is a wife . And a mother.  The takeaway message I got from her was, start somewhere. But make sure the glory is all for God.  And Oh! You, I , no one can have it all. Somewhere sacrifices are made and are costly. ( That I loved!, I can barely put a blog post out with any consistency )

Read more about Sherry’s work here.)

Another lady, Lindsey,  had felt God’s calling to start a blog , describing God’s goodness and the worry and beauty of each person, but had delayed for 4 years. She had recently been obedient and started it.  Right around the time I did. When I came home, I checked it out. It’s beautiful ! Lovely pictures. Good word from God.  Consistently put out. She’s a wife and mother too. I was so disappointed in myself.

(Read Lindsey’s blog here)

Another lady, Nicole, started re decorating her home, and with the advice and constant pestering of her then 11 year old daughter, started an Instagram account, showcasing her decorating skills. It’s now 10 months old and really pulling people in. When I got to meet her later at her table, I told her that I felt , for the last one year, that God has been calling me out of active ministry , to wait on Him. She told me that she had felt that call too, hadn’t heeded it at first, but circumstances forced her to pull out of the things she was involved in at church for over a year. It was at that time that her husband came to the Lord.  She went back to minstry , and now recently had been called out of it again, which she described as her winter season . ( I was so excited , I told her that’s what I’d been feeling too! I’m in winter as well), when she gently and lovingly let me know that God had given her a confirmation just that morning, that her spring had started. I , on the other hand , hadn’t received any such confirmation.

Like I said, I was mostly glad I went. I loved seeing successful women give the glory completely to God. On the other hand, I was and so some extent , still am, overwhelmed. I kept repeating to myself, I can’t raise 10 children and run a business. I’m not a good enough blogger. My photos are stock images from the internet. I have no talent in interior design. I gave no idea what to do with Instagram. Ad nauseatum.

But ……..

Then I remember the other things they said. Don’t compare yourself to others. Start something. Start small. But not for yourself. To give God the glory. No body can have it all. Being obedient costs something. A lot. I also remember what a friend wrote to me, to encourage me. I’m a patient mother, a beautiful and kind wife , and most important of all, a priceless child of the One True King. I’m choosing to believe that. I’m choosing to let that be enough. I’m choosing to remember that the giftings I have are part of His divine plan. I have enough. I am enough. And everything I do , I will do unto the Lord.

I’ll write a blog post, my style, unto the Lord.

I’ll load the dishes and unload them uncountable times in my life , unto the Lord.

I’ll deal with a tantrum every 10 minutes, every day, 24×7, 52 weeks a year, unto the Lord.

I’ll make love with my husband, as many times as he wants, as often as I want, when we want , unto the Lord.

I’ll cook , and constantly turn the stove off, to deal with aforementioned tantrum, as unto the Lord.

I’ll take the kids to the park, and look up when I hear the “look at me Mama, look what I can do ” , as unto the lord.

I’ll go to church, and worship, with my heart completely focused on Him, and not on the myriad things that need my attention, as unto the Lord.

I’ll wait for the school buses , as unto the Lord.

I’ll do the groceries , as unto the Lord.

I’ll heat up leftovers when I don’t have time to cook, as unto the Lord.

I’ll clean up toys, again and again, as unto the Lord.

I’ll do the mountains of laundry, that never end, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be a wife , as unto the Lord.

I’ll be a mother , as unto the Lord.

I’ll be a daughter, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be  a sister, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be a niece, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be a granddaughter, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be  a friend willing to listen, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be a student of the Word, as unto the Lord.

I’ll be His child, as unto the Lord.

Will you join me? Let us magnify His name together, for He is worthy to be praised.