Another day. Another tragedy. More lives lost. More anger unleashed. Where is the humanity of people? Where is the joy of being alive? Where is the unity? Where is God?  He is right here. He is still right here. In our sorrow, in our grief, in our weariness, in our tragedy, in our nation, in our city, in our homes, in our midst. 

He was there when Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit ( He dint step in and stop them), He was there when Cain murdered his brother ( He asked Cain about Abel) , He was there when Enoch followed Him faithfully ( He took him away without allowing him to face death), He was there when Noah experienced the flood ( He gave him a way and the time to build the ark, to escape it), He was there when Abraham went to sacrifice his son Isaac ( and He provided a substitute), He was there when Jacob cheated Isaac( and dint stop it) , He was there when Jacob ran away in fear ( and met him in a dream ), He was there when Joseph was wrongly accused and imprisoned ( He gave him the training needed to save thousands of lives), He was there when Moses should have been killed ( but He chose him to free His people from bondage), He was there with Joshua ( He allowed him to struggle)  , He was there with Gideon( He chose a weakling and allowed him to test Him), He was there with Samson (He let him go his own way, and then used him in an unforgettable manner) , He was there with Job( He allowed satan to take his wealth, his children and his health, but He praised him for being faithful to God), He was there with David( a man after His own heart, but weak and flawed too), He was there with Ezra( He was an exile, but allowed to rebuild the temple of God), He was there with Nehemiah( a man in a foreign land who received favour from the king to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem), With Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego ( teenagers taken to a foreign land, but who purposed in their hearts to be faithful to Him, and so He lifted them up to positions of authority), with Isaiah (who repeatedly warned the people to return, but wasn’t heeded), with Jeremiah ( a young man asked not to marry, but who couldn’t keep from telling the people , what God had commanded him to), with Hosea ( who was asked to marry a woman, who would hurt him, to show God’s relentless pursuit of His people), with Mary and Joseph( who were asked to live in places they dint know, but were charged with the care of a Child who would change history), with John the Baptist ( who was faithful in his message, but would not see the Kingdom that he preached), with the apostles( uneducated men who took the good news to the world, and were matyred for it), with Paul( who had such a change of heart, that the hunter became the hunted)………..

The same God who was with them is still alive and with us. Some of His servants and prophets and preachers and ordinary people, He allowed them to suffer, some He delivered, before, during and after the trial. But He was right there. Sharing in their sorrow, carrying their burdens, celebrating their good fortune, giving them peace, and filling them with love. Why? Because they trusted in Him. They were willing to go where He led them, because they knew He was and is and will always be trustworthy . Because they knew He does nothing ( then or now) , that doesn’t bring glory to the Father.

Can we trust Him like that ? When we don’t get our answers ? When the mountains don’t move? When the waters don’t part? When the wars don’t cease? When the anger doesn’t abate ? Can we ? Do we dare?

We need to. We should.

He is a God who cannot be mocked. He is a God who is offended by unrighteousness. He is a God who is sovereign over all authority, power, nature, and satan. He is a God who is compassionate , and does not want any to perish, but all to come to Him, and so delays His wrath. He is a God who comes to everybody and pleads with them to accept Him while it is still day. He is a God who is coming soon, very soon. And He will come with vengeance, to judge everybody, to punish forevermore , those who turned away from Him. He will be a Judge then, ( righteous both in His mercy and judgements), a King ( before whom every knee will bow ), a Lord ( who will be glorified by every person) .

We need to trust in Him. We should wait  for His timing. He will make every wrong right. He says ” Here I stand, at the door ( of your heart) and knock. If you hear My voice and open the door and allow me to come in ( and be Lord of your life) , then I will come in to you, and dine ( fellowship ) with you. I will be yours and you will be Mine ” ( words in parentheses , and changed wording of the verse are my interpretation ). Rev 3:20.